Our Story

Founder and Design Director of Flying Machine, Matthew Andrew became aware that it was damn near impossible to find a well-designed, good-looking bicycle that wasn’t pitched at those tackling Le Tour. In 2008 after identifying the markets missing niche, a new breed of slick and sexy bicycle was born.With ideas and possibilities constantly bubbling, an ‘urban’ specific fleet was the next to surface, answering the pedal prayers of commuters and city cyclists everywhere. With the wheels still in motion, the latest special project to come to light is focused at benefiting businesses that are looking for a specific edge.

Flying Machine is the culmination of the three previous brands rolled into one, allowing harmony under the one studio roof. Throughout the entire journey, the business has been a solid team effort of family and friends. Consequently, we have experienced the evolution of a spectacular Flying Machine community, often enjoying FM bicycle conveys (usually to a local watering hole).

Flying Machine is also proud to boast that though, in the beginning, everything was outsourced to other countries (as usual) all bikes are now completely assembled and painted in the FM studio in Perth, Western Australia.

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