Rosado FMlogoTrimed“Science makes things brilliant and art makes them beautiful”

We live in a world that is congested, fast-paced and ruled by conformity. Flying Machine bicycles offer a freedom that is creative and of a superior quality. The Flying Machines are built beyond the sphere of traditional bicycles with the intention and vision of bringing Art and Science together to create something Brilliant and Beautiful.

With a combined background of architecture, graphic design, fine art and industrial design, the Flying Machine core is as much driven by art as it is by science. While the team may be a small niche of passionate people, their vision and combined capabilities are large and wide ranging.

Flying Machine is a collaboration of creativity, on so many levels.  Customers can be involved throughout the process giving them great satisfaction and a bicycle with their own stylistic identity.  When you purchase a Flying Machine you become part of the community.

Care and precision of completely assembling and painting the bicycles in our studio is of course part of the craft but so is sourcing the highest quality materials from the best manufactures. Our excitement by science combined with our setup in house and contacts allows us to experiment with new technologies.  The team aspires to create custom bicycles for the modern man and woman in modern ways, even if that means going back to a more traditional approach sometimes.

The Flying Machine Fleet offers bicycles that suit a range of preferred style and purpose, all striking in both form and function. The passion, attention to detail and creative thinking manifest within every bicycle that is hand crafted in house by Flying Machine.

Can’t Stop Freedom.


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