Special Projects

BPM Copy Genre Copy NewMexico Copy NewMexicoRacer Copy Pixar Bicycles are fast becoming recognised as a constructive and practical enforcement to a range of organizations and industries. Our ‘Special Projects’ unit designs and produces custom bicycles tailored to any company. They are conceptualized with the same creative collaboration as the custom bicycles and made with the same care and respect.This addition to a company would be perfect for those that are based in a certain area while having commitments and obligations in another. A readily available bike force allows employees to; Move between buildings on large corporate campuses or between different offices; Ride to nearby client and/or partner meetings; and Encourage employees to commute by bike, reducing parking hassles.A Flying Machine bike force benefits your company by promoting sustainability and health and wellness while enforcing brand recognition. This service suits a multitude of industries from tour operations to hotels and accommodations or campus based education, corporate, large-scale industrial and everything in-between.Custom designs can be based on an existing model or can be completely dreamt and built from the ground up. Quantities can be as few as 100, or as many as ten thousand; we provide your perfect ride.

An incentive for referral.

By being part of the Special Projects bike force and successfully recommending Flying Machine to others, your company will receive one free Flying Machine to extend your fleet.

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