As the name suggests, our custom range of bicycles are true one offs. Materials used to build our Flying Machines are of the highest quality and are sourced from manufacturers in which we uphold a relationship with. These personal and welcomed relationships carry on through tailoring our service to clients.

We don’t get down with ‘paint by numbers’ or ‘pick and mix’ its important to know that our clients are getting exactly what they want from their noble steed of a bike. So, we prefer to work closely with you to refine your vision.

Our frames are now exclusively made from high-end Italian Columbus chromoly or American KVA stainless steel tubing that ensures comfort, strength, compliance and

longevity. While we do source components from around the globe, all of our made to order bikes are tenderly painted, finished then hand assembled in our Perth studio.


Please feel free to ask any queries you have at all about our custom capabilities. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will respond in detail as soon as possible.
  • LCT

    This brand new LCT bicycle was designed for a US customer. Sporting disc brakes, 11 speed Shimano Alfine internal hub, Brooks leather saddle and grips and an eye-catching paint job. This custom Flying Machine will be sure to attract a lot of attention along the West Coast of America.

  • M29

    2015 will see brand new models released out of the hanger as well as updates to our existing fleet of machines. The M29 Bomber is the first. The M29 was developed with a customer who wanted to be able to run big tyres around the city. We took this idea a little further and gave it the capacity to take off-road tyres as well as on road, including the largest 3’ 29+ tyres that have steadily been gaining popularity. The M29 also has geometry to allow it to take a 100mm travel front fork for those who want to get adventurous off road.

    2015 is shaping to be a massive year for Flying Machine

  • F-One -3D Printed: Titanium #3.1

  • UCX-Single-JJ Special

  • Custom-F -AJ Special

  • UCX-Di2 CY Special

  • Custom-F 8D

  • RD-2.0 Custom

  • UCX-Di2 11- SS-Custom

  • Custom 24' Tina S Special

    Custom geometry 24 inch machine for a lady wanting a stylish small wheel commuter.

  • UCX-SH Cpecial

  • RD-2.0 Custom NuVinci

    Custom version of our RD-2.0 fitted out with the super smooth NuVinci N360 gear hub. The N360 uses a unique continually variable transmission rather than distinct gears. The over all range is 360%. Check out the Fallbrook Technologies website for more details

  • UCT-M: MDG Custom

  • UCX - Crush Cross

  • DK-Custom F

  • UCX-PiLike 8 - JF Custom

  • JP Special

    Beautiful KVA Stainless Steel frame, carbon forks, Alfine 11 speed gear hub, White Industries BB and front front hub, Carbon Drive ‘Centretrack’ belt drive, Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tyres = One sweet machine, was hard to let this one go….

  • UCX - Royal 11

  • Inca Tiger...

  • "City Electricity' Goes Green

  • Bridging the Gulf

    This custom machine is off to a customer in Portland Oregon who is a self confessed “dork for the Gulf Oil racing cars from the 60’s and 70’s”.

    The Gulf colour scheme has been on for many vehicles before, including several bicycles.   The most famous being the Porsche driven by Steve McQueen’s character in the movie Le Mans (1971).

    The customer requested an interpretation of the original Gulf Racing colours in Flying Machine style.

  • Hart Custom

  • Tecson Custom

  • Potts Custom JS

  • Potts Custom JC

  • The New Black

    This machine was purchased by a group of friends for a surprise 50th birthday present.

    All keen cyclists looking for something unique and unexpected. See if you can guess what the recipients surname is?

    The top tube features the names of all the members group.

    Carbon Drive smoothness, combined with one of our beautifully responsive chromoly frames and carbon forks….light and fast.

    Custom mixed paint colors, bright yellow gold offset by black with a gold fleck…really shines in the sun.

    While it might seem to be an expensive gift, spread between 9 couples it actually works out quite economically for a significant birthday…


  • TP Special

    flat out track machine

    Our photographic consultant Thom Perry has always loved bikes but has fairly recently developed a need for going as fast as possible.  To help him with this we worked together to create this new machine for belting around the velodrome.

    Matte black carbon everything makes machine this light, stiff and quick….

    A taste for minimalism and high design drove this colour scheme. The first machine we have ever done without any polished silver components so it really stands out from our other builds

    No brakes and super high pressure tyres,  this is a pure track assassin.

    White Industries hubs and bottom bracket make running as smooth as silk…

    Chat to us about this custom bike or other versions of this configuration (for the track or for the street),

  • JT Custom - A Step Foreward

    Classic Colours – Contemporary Configuration

    This machine has colours matched to a customers specific requirements.  A classic look combined with high end modern components makes for a sweet ride.

    The paint job on this bike represents a step forward that we have been working on for a while.  The colours are the same mixed in house, cutting edge, waterbourne automotive paints  that we use for all of our custom machines, this is however the first bike to roll out with our new waterbourne ultra low VOC clear coat.

    Traditional solvent based clear coats are extremely toxic, the new waterbourne clear that we are now using for both matte and gloss finishes gives us an entirely solvent free painting system with no compromise on finish or durability.

    Solvent free is good for us, good for you and good and the environment…


  • Feather to Fly

    Custom 8 speed commuter for a lady wanting to arrive in style

    This machine is built for comfort and speed with a unique matte finish colour scheme.  Gates Carbon Drive,  Shimano Alfine 8 and Schwalbe 32mm Durano tyres all combine for a super smooth yet bullet proof ride.

    Versa shifters combined with drop bars and hub gearing gives you the best of both worlds, multiple hand positions for longer and potentially windy rides plus super low maintenance all round.

    ‘The painting technique on this frame was done using our standard water-bourne automotive paint and a feather boa.  Looks very weird in process but elegant and vibrant once all is revealed’

  • KT Special

    Full Carbon – Fixed Gear Couture

    The client for this machine wanted something they could ride but also display hanging on the wall in their lounge room. Feeling the pressure we needed to come up with something striking.

    High quality components from likes of Brooks and White Industries make this machine built for performance as well as looks.

    Airbrush blue fire technique took a little time but the masking was much more complicated

    Both us and the client were very pleased with the way this one turned out.

  • Custom JBR

    This custom machine was created for a customer in Sydney looking for something fast, efficient and a little different.

    Columbus Sprint tubing, carbon forks, carbon tri spoke wheels integrated stem and handlebar, Gates CDC belt drive, White Industries bottom bracket and freewheel.


  • Custom SMA

    The brief for this bike was to make something that ‘really stands out’  we think we achieved this well without tipping the balance too far.

    Columbus Sprint tubing, carbon forks, integrated stem and handlebar, Gates CDC belt drive, White Industries bottom bracket and freewheel.

  • Custom U29 - His and Hers

    These two bikes were developed for a couple who wanted a pair of high end machines that as well as being great on the road and around town could tackle a bit of tougher stuff including cruising on the beach when the conditions were right.

    The bikes were developed from the ground up as completely new models which we liked so much that they have become part of our main product range.

    KVA stainless steel tubing, Spot Brand carbon forks, Alfine 11 speed, hydraulic disc brakes, 50mm tyres and Gates Centre-Track belt drive.

  • Custom MRA

    The matte finish on this machine really brings some intensity to the colour, this combined with the component configuration makes for a truly striking ride.

    Columbus Sprint tubing, carbon forks, carbon five spoke wheels Gates CDC belt drive, White Industries bottom bracket and freewheel.

  • Custom 'Crush' = Crush II

    This bike was developed for a customer in San Francisco  from our previous ‘Crush’ Sexy Bicycles model.  The colour scheme was changed around a little and the configuration tuned to the customers exact requirements.

    This is another machine that we liked so much that it has become part of our main product line., hence the name Crush II.

    Columbus Sprint tubing, Alfine 8 speed, Sussex Versa 8 shifters, White Industries bottom bracket, Gates CDC belt drive and 50mm full carbon rims.