As the name suggests, our custom range of bicycles are true one offs. Materials used to build our Flying Machines are of the highest quality and are sourced from manufacturers in which we uphold a relationship with. These personal and welcomed relationships carry on through tailoring our service to clients.

We don’t get down with ‘paint by numbers’ or ‘pick and mix’ its important to know that our clients are getting exactly what they want from their noble steed of a bike. So, we prefer to work closely with you to refine your vision.

Our frames are now exclusively made from high-end Italian Columbus chromoly or American KVA stainless steel tubing that ensures comfort, strength, compliance and

longevity. While we do source components from around the globe, all of our made to order bikes are tenderly painted, finished then hand assembled in our Perth studio.


Please feel free to ask any queries you have at all about our custom capabilities. We pride ourselves on our customer service and will respond in detail as soon as possible.