F Series

These machines are designed for performance and speed. While they’re not intended for breaking world records, they provide haste pace for everyday riding. Of course, it’s not necessary to constantly go flat out but when you wish, the F series is fast (capital F).

F Series machines have numerous configurable options and are produced to order.

  • Verde

    ts not easy being green, but it is with this silent machine

  • Crush II

    Dark and bright.  fast, light and tough

  • Fine Line

    Refined riding in style..

  • City Electricity

    High voltage, high quality,  ready for anything …

  • Flash

    Just a flash of fluro…..

  • Jaune

    Yellow in French, the colour of cycling champions of all types

  • Jules Verne

    From deep beneath….

  • Rosado

    A fast and stylish machine for those who like it hot…


U Series

The U-Series signifies a new direction for Flying Machine with a focus on the more relaxed urban and city style of riding. If you could take a stroll on a bike, the U-Series would be your legs.

While comfort is a main priority for these machines, performance is still the driving design feature. This range of bikes are simple to operate, low maintenance and super easy on the eye.

U Series machines have numerous configurable options and are produced to order.

  • U29 – M

    A super urban style 29er for conquering the city in comfort and style.  

  • U29 – L ( Ladies )

    A female specific version of our U29,  stylish, ultra comfortable, indestructible.  

  • UCT-L

    Ladies step through, Euro style,  luxury in every detail.  

  • UCX

    Urban Cyclo Cross,  don’t let anything get in your way!

  • UCT-Mens

    Urban City, Euro style.  Clean lines, upright riding position for super comfortable cruising.


B Series

The machines within the BU ( Base Urban ( Series are perfectly suited to the rigors of urban riding- potholes, stop signs and unpredictable drivers, just to name a few obstacles. They key characteristics of these bikes include low maintenance, ease of operation, consistent performance, durability and longevity.

These bad boys have been developed for the commuter and city cyclists looking for a robust, no nonsense mode of transport that still turns heads.

BU bikes are held in stock for immediate delivery or are available through select international retail partners.

  • RD-1.0

    An urban road style racer with a striking black and white colour scheme.  

  • FX-1.0

    A clean and sharp fixed gear,  super smooth from all angles  

  • RD-2.0

    Riser bar road style,, smooth, tough and silent.  

  • FX-2.0

    Understated style, fast and silent urban machine.  



From time to time we have a few bikes that we need to move on. Often from prototypes, these bikes need a new home and we are happy to see them go at a reduced price.

Sale bicycles may not be configured or changed in any way.  

There are no machines on sale at this time


 Coming soon…