James Lutaya2

“The FX 1.0 has put the fun back into commuting, I don’t have to worry about corrosion / oil with the carbon belt drive and the bike is so light that my times match or best those that I was achieving with my geared racer.  Switching back to the FX 1.0 (I use my geared bike solely for cycling tours) I’m always taken aback by how smooth the bike is, simply the best bike I’ve ever had top marks for aesthetics, reliability and most importantly for making inner city cycling fun again!”  
James Lutaya – London, England


“These new bikes, our fourth and fifth from Flying Machine  are quite different from anything else in our stable. The belt drive for an urban bike has to be the way to go, single speed or fixed… sooper schmoove man…

The attention to detail, high quality components and great personal service made the whole experience fantastic.

The fun in seeing the photos of the bikes in productio and then the real deal was really great. These bikes will no doubt give us a lot of pleasure for a long time.

We’re both very happy. Trusting Matt’s creative judgement and giving Flying Machine free artistic license was well worth doing.


Thanks again.
Jason and Jacinta Potts – Geraldton, Australia

love the bikes, love the brand, had my Flying Machine for about 9 months as my daily commuter, I have nicknamed it the ‘bike path frieght train’ as it hammers day in day out, just put air in the tyres, wash it after rain and she just goes, goes, goes

John Donaldson – Perth Australia


”Wow….took my brand new Flying Machine for its first run…what a ride..silent killer this thing is…..  I really cant explain it apart from saying everyone go buy a belt drive Flying Machine!   Mechanically and aesthetically a work of art.

Thanks Flying Machine”
Garth Collins – Perth Australia

My bike rules. I love the fact that i was able to have input from the get go and could stop past Flying Machine anytime and check out how it was coming together and ask a million questions.

The bike itself is amazing. Super quiet, hassle-free, slick and turns heads everywhere. People actually stop or double back to ask questions about where it came from and what the belt is like and who made it and who did the paint job. Everyone is stoked there is someone in Perth making bikes like this and pushing the boundaries.

Totally recommend Flying Machine.
Steve Handford – Perth, Australia

“A big thank you to Matthew and the team at Flying Machine with their help getting me set up with my new commuter bike. Being located in Canada I was a little wary about ordering a bike online from Australia but after some extensive research I kept coming back to their Base Urban line because they had the exact components and design I was looking for that I couldn’t match anywhere else.

In the end I should not have worried at all! They provided great, prompt assistance to me with some questions I had and made it easy to order from them. About a week later I was shocked to see it arrive at my front door. While I’m looking forward to riding it in weather warmer than 5C, it’s been a fantastic early Christmas present to myself.

JeffStainsbyAs I hoped, I’m loving the belt drive and internal geared hub for the short but hilly commute – plenty of gearing range to go hard (or easy) on the full range of terrain to and from work without any concern of getting grease on my work clothes.  Also it’s nice to get more comments and compliments on what I’m riding in 2 weeks of riding my new Base Urban than I ever got in 10 years of my old generic commuter ride as well!  Great job Flying Machine!
Jeff Stainsby – Toronto, Canada

Coolest bikes on planet Earth.
Mark Strong – Dublin,  Ireland

EvaBall2I was seeking a bike that was different form the rest, something unique, minimal that made a statement. Thanks to Flying Machine I found all of this and more, after getting in contact  I am now a proud owner of a very sexy bicycle.

Everywhere I go people compliment my bike, and riding it is truly an experience like no other.

Sincerely a very satisfied rider,
Eva Joy – Perth, Australia

‘ I’ve looked at a lot of bicycles as of late. Bianchi’s, Fuji’s, bespoke, fixies, randonneurs, time trials, carbon fiber, steel, alloys, cream, blue and so on and so forth.

I rode the bike you so wonderfully crafted around the city during Hurricane Sandy. It helped me visit loved ones and co-workers during a time when the city was gridlocked and subways weren’t functioning. I was very grateful to have such a reliable bike in a time of need.
Raza Khan – New York, USA

Ian Westmore - Blue Business Dec 2012Two years ago I walked into the Flying Machine head office and test rode a Sexy Bicycle called Blue Business. It was like nothing I’d ridden in my previous 12 years of avid cycling. I already had a road bike and a single speed but I got the nod from the home office to buy the Blue Business as long as it felt good and….fortunately It felt absolutely fantastic right from the first pedal stroke.

Riding the Blue Business Sexy Bicycle gives me an entirely different mindset and feeling. The bike is beautiful to ride, it’s eye-catching, it’s light and responsive and I feel like I’m a kid again. No gearing to fuss over, it’s just go hard or go backwards. I commute to work and back on it three days a week and it always makes me smile when I ride past kids in the street and they yell out “cool bike, man!”

The quality of the build and its components mean that ‘The Business’, as it’s known in my local group, and me will be mates forever.
Ian Westmore – Perth, Australia

CarlWard2 CropedHaving generally dealt with local bike shops in the past I was a bit unsure of purchasing a bike online. The look of the bikes was something else though so I went ahead.

The team at Flying Machine were easy to get information from about the bike, and made the transaction hassle free.  The guys really came to the table in after sales support. I wanted to make some changes to suit my riding style and they were only to happy to help, with many emails and questions back & forth. They wanted to get me back on the bike as quick as possible, and set me up with the parts I needed in no time. It actually felt as though they were pushing for 100% customer satisfaction.

Looking at what changes they have made since my purchase, I can only see Flying Machine pushing out some more great bikes in the future.
Carl Ward – Adelaide, Australia

Julie SmallwoodFabulous bike, my friends call it my mid-life crisis bike (secretly they are just jealous that they aren’t allowed to buy any more bikes) because of it only being single speed, but who needs gears anyway, they are so over-rated, I love it, it’s gorgeous – super fast, so easy to ride, and it’s even colour co-ordinated with my hair!  The Flying machine team were great, very easy to deal with and my bike arrived in the UK within just a week of ordering it.  It was easy to put together and came complete with a tool kit, which came in handy when I had my first (and so far only….) puncture.    Thanks guys…..
Julie Smallwood – London, England