CBL 1.0 – Carbon Based Lifeform

The CBL-1.0 (Carbon Based Lifeform) is the culmination of lengthy research and development and refinement in our carbon fibre production process and is also our first full carbon ‘made to measure’ machine (something we are very excited about!).

Carbon fibre production certainly has its difficulties, the conquering of which has been a very steep learning curve. But for us, its benefits have been a real revelation, it feels like we have found our medium. Carbon is strong, light and tough and has the potential to be very versatile and quite sculptural. Combined with its infinite ride tuning qualities, this makes it very appealing to both our artistic and scientific sensibilities.

The production process for the CBL-1.0 produces millimetre perfect custom geometry through ‘tube to tube’ fabrication. This is basically the combining of carbon fibre tubes with joints which are wrapped with UD carbon fibre and bio resin composite to meet the customers strength and ride quality needs. It is then compressed to make dense carbon rich seamless intersections.

The tubing we use is a combination of round tubes made to our specifications and in-house manufacture of the more complex single piece top tube/seat stays and chain stays.The design for the frame encapsulates our mantra for all of our machines: ‘Comfort is King’. Not only does comfort enhance the simple pleasure of riding a bike, but in almost all situations, being comfortable also leads to a more efficient power output. Designing for comfort has two aspects, perfect fit for the riders anatomy and a frame that has compliance in the right places without compromise on drive-train stiffness.

For the CBL-1.0, we have used a single piece top tube and seat stays (the spring) which tapers from the head tube all the way to the rear axle, this gives the frame great vertical compliance through the top of the bike.

Stiffness comes through the head tube, down tube and chain stays (the beam) which combine to give a rigid lower part of the machine, very solid steering and full power transfer through the drive-train. Our ‘Beam and Spring’ concept, or the combination of tailored stiffness and compliance, is not a new one, but it is definitely one that works.

FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#109 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#108 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#107 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#106 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#105 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#104 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#103 FM CustomCarbonFibre CBL#102We love this machine so much, we have had a very hard time parting with it. We can’t wait to see photos of this bicycle out on the road.

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