Share and Win a Custom Flying Machine

“Can’t Stop Freedom”- It perfectly signifies the pleasure, liberty and nonconformist nature of cycling. Whether it be a means of transport or a temporary escape, the route and speed is at your discretion, the freedom is at your fingertips (or rather, your feet).

You are free from traffic, free from the parking man, free from an unhealthy lifestyle and are free to move, at your own pace… A welcomed relief from our hectic yet restrained lives.

In celebration of Flying Machine’s fresh face, shmick look and current freedom euphoria, we are rewarding fellow freedom followers with the opportunity to win a custom Flying Machine up to the value of $2500.

The competition is very simple, all we ask is that you help share the love for which you will be automatically awarded points.  Each point represents one entry into the draw to win.

The more points you have the better chance you have and you hardly have to lift a finger.

Points are awarded automatically for a lot of things, Facebook/ Twitter posts, sharing competition details, email communication, mailing list sign ups and just visiting our website. Points can also be awarded by us arbitrarily for any particularly creative efforts to get the word out which you will need to tell us about.

Your points can be viewed and tracked against others on our  Leaders Board Page

The competition runs from the 5th to the 25th of February. Follow the instructions below to get on board and build your chances to win….

  • 1 point per FM web page visited ( including this one )
  • 5 points for contest sign up
  • 5 points for liking our Facebook page
  • 10 points for Facebook post including your personal link
  • 10 Points for referral for contest sign up , either via email or Facebook sharing
  • 10 points for Twitter post including your personal link
  • 50 points for production of a promotional YouTube video
  • Your inventive on or off line promotional efforts…. to be determined ( this will be regarded highly )
  • 200 points for any bike purchased during the competition period.  If you then win you can either have your payment refunded or take the second bike for free…

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